View and Save Your Contacts’ Statuses with Ease

Chat Tracker is your ultimate tool for staying connected with what your loved ones are sharing online. View and save every status update from texts and images to videos, all stored in a dedicated gallery. Miss nothing, save everything, and enjoy the memories anytime — even offline.

How It Works

Understand your loved ones better through their status updates

Save Status Updates That Matter

Capture precious moments with Chat Tracker’s status-saving feature. Auto-save every text, image, or video status update from your loved ones and download them to your device. Humorous posts or captivating photos, all preserved forever in a dedicated gallery.

Stay Updated with Every Status Change

Our app makes it easy for you to stay connected by viewing and saving status updates. Get notified when your children or family members post new statuses, ensuring you never miss out on important moments. Keep a collection of updates to cherish and revisit anytime.


Unlock Unparalleled Features
for an Enhanced Experience

View & Save Statuses
Easily view and download favorite status updates to your device
Unlimited Contacts
Easily handle multiple contacts to keep track of their status updates
Timely Updates
Get real-time alerts when your family members post new statuses
Free Trial
Try Chat Tracker free for 3 days for its unlimited functionality